No more deaths – Sofia Solidarity Centre

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Recently in London, a homeless protest was held in Regent Street in response to the homeless people who have died during the last few days due to adverse snowy weather conditions known as “The beast from the East”.

Across London there are various places to help the homeless, the most recent being Sofia Solidarity Centre.  This building was recently squatted for the purpose in opening another building in London for the many homeless sleeping rough on the streets.
Stickers were printed and distributed, to provide awareness of the new centre as well as encouraging homeless people to go there.
If you are able to, please help and volunteer your time at this centre.  You can also donate food, clothes, toiletries –  a full list of items needed can be found on the Sofia Solidarity facebook page.

One of the volunteers at the centre said “It’s a joy to be here helping. Seeing people surface gently in the morning having slept in warmth and safety is emotional, when you know what they’d been going through out in such terrible weather.”

The building which is being used to help the homeless recently had their windows boarded up.  One supporter mentioned that they now make a nice canvas for some artwork.





There is also a free shop with clothes and essentials in order to help the homeless.  If you can, please donate directly.

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