Another building in London occupied for homeless shelter

2 weeks ago Anonymous 0

In an additional effort to help the homeless in London, 204 Great Portland Street was taken over via a claim of squatter rights by a group of people. The group stated:

Since temperatures are so low and homelessness is still a big issue, some people came to an idea of opening a safe space shelter available to everyone!>

If you see anyone homeless in London, please let them know of this additional help, tell them the address and explain there will be help there for them, food, clothes, and other essentials.
If you can donate items such as sleeping bags, blankets, clothes, food, toiletries, please do.  Also if you can donate your time and help volunteer to help coordinate and assist in the running of this building.

Please help the people at the building of Great Portland Street.

204 Great Portland Street, entrance from 56 Bolsover Road (Sophia House)